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100 business ideas in hindi

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List of 100 Business Ideas (business ideas in India in English)

1. Agarbatti Manufacturing Business (agarbatti manufacturing business)
2. Baking Powder Manufacturing Business (Baking Powder Manufacturing Business)
3. Soap Making (Bath/Washing/Hand-Wash-Liquid Soap) & Detergent Powder Making Business
4. Camphor Making Business
5. Paper Plate/Glass Making Business
6. Candle Making Business
7. Tissue Paper & Sanitary pad Manufacturing Business (Business of making tissue paper & sanitary pads)
8. Notebook Manufacturing Business (business of making notebooks)
9. T-Shirt & Mobile Back Cover Printing Business (T-shirt and mobile back cover printing business)
10. LED Lights Making Business (Business of making LED lights)

11. Tea & Coffee Shop Business (Tea and Coffee Shop Business)
12. Breakfast Joints/Center or Food Truck Business (Breakfast Center)
13. Juice & Coconut Water Center (Juice and Coconut Water Center)
14. Ice Cream Parlor Business (Ice Cream Parlor Business)
15. Tiffin Service Business (Tiffin Service Business)

16. Chikki & Laddu Making Business (Chikki and Laddu making business)
17. Dal Making Mill
18. Biscuit & Cookies Making Business
19. Aam Papad Making Business
20. Jaggery Making Business
21. Potato Chips Making Business (Business of making potato chips)
22. Ice Cream Cone Making Business
23. Jam & Jelly Making Business (Jam and Jelly Making Business)
24. Tea Bag Making Business (Tea Bag Making Business)
25. Chocolate Making Business (Chocolate making business)

26. Rice Flakes/Flattened Rice/Beaten Rice Manufacturing Plant (Poha making business)
27. Panipuri Making Business (Panipuri Making Business)
28. Oil Mill Business
29. Flour Mill Business
30. Chapati/Roti Making Business

31. Organic Food Store
32. General Store/Grocery Store Business (General Store / Grocery Store)
33. Fruit & Vegetable Store
34. Stationery Shop
35. Readymade Garment Shop
36. Hair Cutting Shop/Salon Business (Hair Cutting Shop / Salon Business)
37. Eggs Wholesale Business
38. Milk Product & Dairy Business
39. Farsan/Snacks Store
40. Sweets Shop Business

41. Coaching Classes/Center (Coaching Classes)
42. Dance Classes & Zumba Classes Business (Dance Classes & Zumba Classes)
43. Computer Training Center Business (Computer Training Center)
44. Online Service (Fund Transfer/Recharge/Form Filling/E-Tickets) Center
45. Tour & Travel Agency Business (Tour and Travel Agency)
46. ​​Catering Service Business (Catering Service Business)
47. Event Decorator Business (Event Decorator Business)
48. Event & Party Planning Business (Event and Party Planning Business)
49. Motor Driving School Business (Motor Driving School Business)
50. Franchise Outlet of Patanjali Business (Patanjali Store)

51. Building Material Supply Business (Building Material Supply Business)
52. Hardware Store (Hardware Store)
53. Plywood & Laminate Trading Business (Plywood and Laminate Trading Business)
54. Glass House/Store (Glass House / Store)
55. Decor Item Store – Wallpapers/Carpets/Wooden Vinyl Flooring/Artifacts

56. Interior Decoration Business (Interior Decoration Business)
57. Car Rental Service (Car Rental Service)
58. Online Boutique Shop (Online Boutique Shop)
59. Affiliates Marketing Business (Affiliates Marketing)
60. Video Making Business/YouTube Business (Video Making Business / YouTube)

61. Mobile Accessories & Repairing Center
62.Laptop/PC/Computer Accessories & Repairing Center (Computer Equipment and Repair Center)
63. TV & Other Electronics Repairing Center
64. Motor Winding /Repairing Center (Motor Repair Center)
65. Car & Bike Servicing Center (Car and Bike Servicing Center)
66. Cosmetics Product Shop
67. Packers & Movers Business
68. Readymade Clothes Making Business (Business of making readymade clothes)
69. Handmade Artificial Jewelery Making Business
70. Homemade Spices & Papad Making Business

71. Poultry Farming Business Business,
72. Aloe Vera Farming (Aloe Vera Cultivation,
73. Mushroom Farming (Mushroom farming,
74. Rabbit Farming (rabbit farming business,
75. Goat Farming (goat farming business,
76. Bee Keeping & Honey Process Business (Beekeeping and Honey Processing Business,
77. Dairy Farming Business (dairy farming business,
78. Organic Vegetable Farming (organic vegetable farming,
79. Lotus Root Farming
80. Fish Farming Business (fishing business,

81. Solar Energy Plant Business (Solar Energy Plant Business)
82. Solar Panel Trading & Servicing (Solar Panel Trading and Servicing)
83. Brick Manufacturing Business
84. Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Business
85. Lather Product Making Business
86. School Dress Manufacturing Business
87. Gym & Fitness Center (Gym and Fitness Center)
88. LIC & Insurance Agent (LIC and Insurance Agent)
89. Import Export Business (Import Export Business)
90. Transport Business (Transport Business)

91. Paper Bag Making Business (Business of making paper bags)
92. Slipper Making Business
93. Silver Paper Roll Making Business (Sliver Paper Roll Making Business)
94. Sellotape & Adhesive Tape Making Business
95. Staple Pin Manufacturing Business
96. Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Business
97. Straw Pipe Making Business
98. Eraser Making Business
99. Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Business
100. Wire Nails Manufacturing Business

know, some other [Top 70] Business idea in detail

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