A Jacket That Charges Our Phones? Tommy Hilfiger bet on it

Nokia already did it with trousers a sauvage firms, and if we dig deeper, we look at the projects that are seeking funding, of course we find more examples.

tommy hilfiger solar powered jacket

In the present case, it is interesting to see the hands identified as a designer Tommy Hilfiger, who chose the jacket as a pledge to incorporate a solar powered charger gadget. Available in both female and male versions, the idea is the same, integrate a number plate on the back of the design, which is difficult to hide and go unnoticed. In case there was any doubt, the plates and prosthetic system are waterproof and flexible.

The loading zone is on the front interior, where the battery is, with two USB outputs. We have that full battery, you can charge up to four times the phone with 1.500 mAh battery capacity. The specialized company Pvilion is in charge of the charging system.

It will be sold as a limited edition under the name Tommy Hilfiger Solar Powered Jacket, from $600. luckily 50% of what it collects goes to fresh air fundis a non-profit organization that helps children from problem areas in the United States.

It is a more or less successful implementation of the idea, a reality that the worlds like fashion and technology are found on the street, in both situations do not stop looking at the partnership between the companies, and it is necessary to somehow achieve the success of the implementation.

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