Apple is working on the development of an intelligent mirror

Our daily routine, from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night, always, sometime or the other has a curtain in front of us, something that has become so common in our lives.

apple smart mirror

From TV to our watches, we can now interact with it with just a simple touch. What we now find ourselves looking at every morning is that it wasn’t tall mirrors that started out as the potential new trend in touchscreens.

Apple hands-on, have already seen the first glimpses of what could be the company’s next big innovation. Previously we’ve seen companies interested in building a future based on “smart glasses”. But now Apple wants to promote its “potential” model that could be the first smart mirror to hit the market.

Mirror with touchscreen display with iOS 10 operating system. In this video, Rafael Diemek, shows us what the company’s intelligent mirror could be like, and what it’s like to see an iPhone or iPad of almost unbelievable proportions. This shows us that with a simple touch on the screen it is enough to activate this interface with icons and widgets that can be included on the screen and set the hour, date and time.

We can now read news online, listen to music and watch videos on YouTube by looking in the mirror. The last thing might even be seen as somewhat funny, it’s like having a television that many inches. The screen’s interface is going into sleep mode after 45 seconds of inactivity, except it is what it is, a mirror.

For example applications such as: YouTube, Netflix, Uber, Twitter, Facebook and Messenger, are those that can be used in smart mirrors, but all this, the lack of details is missing to see how serious this project could be There’s no confirmation of whether it’s an actual project in development or just an idea of ​​something that could one day become the question.

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