Bank of Baroda Home Loan: Interest Rate, Documents, Eligibility & Application

Baroda Home Loan – BOB home loan to suit every customer’s requirement, Low interest rate, No processing fee, No indirect charges, No prepayment penalty, Linked to Bank of Baroda Repo Linked Lending Rate (BRLLR) Monthly interest charge reset on interest rate and daily reducing balance, repayment up to 30 years, moratorium period up to 36 months after loan disbursement.

Bank of Baroda Home Loan
Bank of Baroda Home Loan
Loan Details required documents ,Required Documents,
1. Loan Type – BOB Home Loan
2. Loan Amount (loan amount) – ₹ 1-5 crore, Mumbai ₹ 20 crore
3. Loan Tenure (loan period) – up to 30 years
4. Interest Rate (Interest Rate) – 8.60 to 10.30%
5. Processing Fees – Nil (Nil)
1. PAN Card
2. Aadhaar Card
3. Your Photo
4. Address Proof
5. Bank Statement
6. Statement of Assets and Liabilities
7. Proof of your assets
Loan Eligibility Loan Application
1. Citizenship and passport holders of India
2. Any man or woman
3. Age above 21 years
4. Original property documents
5. Any fixed source of income
6. Good Credit Score
1. BOB website or branch application
2. Login with your name and mobile number
3. Fill in your required information
4. Upload the required documents
5. Submit loan application
6. Wait for loan approval

The loan amount is decided on the basis of the repayment capacity of the BOB Home Loan applicant. The loan repayment capacity takes into account several factors such as age, income, dependents, assets, liabilities, employment stability, income continuity and savings. The BOB home loan can be repaid in EMIs i.e. Equated Monthly Installments.

The maximum loan that can be offered to any Bank of Baroda home loan applicant is ₹10 crore per unit, depending on the area in which the property is proposed to be constructed or purchased. Bank of Baroda offers loans up to 90% of the cost of the property under its home loan scheme. for more information Bank of Baroda website Can visit.

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