Bosch with its autonomous car prototype filled with data, functions and a touch screen

Bosch gives the go-ahead to launch its own autonomous car, planned for 2020. Last April already Tesla showed their vision based on the Model S, and this CES 2016 they wanted to take their own prototype further away so that we can have a better idea for ourselves that this concept is what they are chasing.

Borsch Autonomous Car Prototype

It is a futuristic vehicle packed with displays to provide any information. In them we can use the onboard navigator, connect our smart devices, and even make calls with Skype while on automatic pilot. If the car detects that we are at risk of an accident, it can also show warnings.

A touch screen with textures on its buttons
Among all the panels that will show us all kinds of data, there is one that stands out from the others, so much so that it has taken the award for Innovation in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category. It has a touch screen with haptic feedback buttons that will show us textures that make them feel physical and real.

With it, the driver can give a certain texture to the face control buttons. So, when we go to turn on the car stereo or use a particular function, we do not need to look at the panel, as it is enough to slide it to find the button we are looking for. Is.

The car also allows us to navigate through our mobile apps with gesture and voice controls, has a mandatory automatic parking system that automatically detects empty spaces, and even shows where we are looking. We use an internal camera to control it and activate the screen closest to us. line of sight

Obviously, with so much modernity and a screen Bosch also wants to implement some customization options, for example, we can choose the color of the interior LED lights. As in a car that gives the driver all the information about the world, the life of a co-driver can be particularly boring, having your own mobile connected to your screen and killing time using various social applications.

As we said at the beginning, Bosch intends to have all this technology ready for 2020. So the design of this prototype could still be far from what we see in the vehicle that ends up being traded. That’s why we should be aware of the upcoming events to see how the concepts of the creator develop.

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