Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt. Employee: Read this alert of EPFO, otherwise all the money will be lost

Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt. Employees: Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has alerted the employed people! EPFO has warned job seekers of fake offers through website, tele call, SMS, email, e-mail, social media. EPFO told its users, if someone asks you to deposit money in the bank to do some work, be alert! You may find this difficult to do!

Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt. Employees

Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt.  Employees

Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt. Employees

EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) said, be alert if you ask to deposit money in the bank for fake offers, claim settlement, advance pension or any other service! EPFO has given information about fake news in its tweet.

Do not give this information – EPFO ​​(Employee Provident Fund Organization) has appealed to its customers! That they should not share any personal information related to Aadhaar number, PAN, bank details over the phone! EPFO also forbids PF subscribers to share the Universal Account Number number. EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund) wrote in this regard on its website and Twitter, we never ask for any information related to PAN, Aadhaar number or bank details over phone. You do not share your personal information in response to the fake call!

Know your PF balance in seconds

EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has also asked the subscribers to know their PF balance. For this you can go to your PF balance in seconds! You (Employees’ Provident Fund) can get PF balance information by giving a missed call on 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number!

EPFO gave information (Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt. Employee)

EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) wrote in the tweet, EPFO ​​never asks to deposit any amount through WhatsApp, social media etc. for any service! Do not share PAN number, Aadhaar number, UAN and your PF account number even by mistake in the important information included in the PF Account Holder account! Because this is such information, due to which your account can be empty!

You can also contact on social media platforms

Explain that EPFO ​​(Employee Provident Fund Organization) provides many facilities to its 60 million customers. There are 12 lakh employers and 65 lakh pensioners too! If you are also a customer of EPFO ​​(Employees’ Provident Fund)! And if you have any problem, you can contact through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook!

EPFO you can file a complaint here ( Check EPFO ​​Alert for Govt. Employee )

If you are a victim of fraud or you want to report about fake messages! So you can visit the social media platforms of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Here you can register your complaint. Taking cognizance of your complaint, Ministry of Labor orders EPFO ​​to take necessary action. You also have the option of contacting the EPFO ​​(Employee Provident Fund Organization) directly. EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund) has a toll free number 1800118005. Which is open 24 hours every day of the week!

Employee Provident Fund Organization phishing online fraud

People’s hard earned money is deposited in PF account, which people deposit for retirement expenses or for any important work. Nowadays, in the era of online fraud, fraudsters also know very well that here they will get a huge amount in one stroke, so they attack the account through Phishing Attack! Actually, phishing is a part of online fraud in which the depositor is cheated, asked for necessary information related to the account and then the account is cleared!

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