Fixed Deposit Hike Interest Rate Check: 1 lakh FD will get this much return, see full calculation

Fixed Deposit Hike Interest Rate Check: At present, almost all banks, from government to private, have increased the interest rates on Fixed Deposits. In such a situation, customers have a good chance to earn more money in a safe way. There are some banks which are giving up to 8% interest (FD Interest Rate) to their customers. DCB Bank is one of them. DCB Bank is offering up to 8.25 per cent interest (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate) on FDs of 36 months to senior citizens.

Fixed Deposit Hike Interest Rate Check

Fixed Deposit Hike Interest Rate Check

New Fixed Deposit Hike Interest Rate Check

In Fixed Deposit, the bank is also paying 8.25 percent interest (FD Interest Rate) on deposits of more than 700 days and less than 36 months. In a statement on Thursday (December 1), DCB Bank said its latest fixed deposit interest rates provide an opportunity to senior citizens to earn attractive returns in their golden years.

FD Interest Rate will get more than 27 thousand interest on deposit of 1 lakh

The Fixed Deposit calculator shows that DCB Bank is paying an interest of Rs 27,760 (FD Interest Rate) to senior citizens for investing Rs 1 lakh in FD for three years. The bank said that the senior citizen FD offers higher income for individuals aged 60 years and above.

Know the interest rates of the bank: Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Check

Senior citizens can earn 7.60% interest (FD Interest Rate) per annum on Fixed Deposit deposits of less than Rs 2 crore for 700 days with DCB Bank. The bank offers a higher interest rate of 8.25% per cent (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate) to senior citizens for a period ranging from 700 days to less than 36 months.

Senior citizens also have the option of booking long-term Fixed Deposits, for example, from 36 months to 60 months at 7.75% per annum. DCB Bank is offering one of the highest FD interest rates among private sector banks. With DCB Bank FD, senior citizens get the option to choose interest payment options such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. They also get the option to transfer the interest (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate) directly to the savings bank account.

dcb bank mclr rate

The bank has increased the Marginal Cost Based Lending Rate ie MCLR by 0.27 per cent for different periods. Now taking loan from bank will be expensive. The bank’s Fixed Deposit new rates will be applicable from November 5, 2022. The bank informed the stock exchanges on Friday that the current one-year MCLR rate of 9.96 per cent will now be 10.23 per cent (FD Interest Rate). Similarly, for a period of one month, three months and six months, the MCLR will be 9.63 per cent, 9.79 per cent and 10.02 per cent respectively (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate). One day MCLR will be 9.58 per cent.

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

Public sector lender UCO Bank has increased fixed deposit interest rates by up to 135 basis points for deposits below Rs 2 crore. According to the official website of the bank, the revised FD rates have come into effect from today i.e. December 2. The bank has also increased interest rates for its Fixed Deposits with maturity periods of 444 days and 666 days. Non-senior citizen retail investors can get a maximum interest rate of 6.5% on deposits maturing in 666 days and 7% for senior citizens.

Since the bank offers additional interest rates to its employees, they can get the benefit of higher returns. For non-senior citizens, UCO Bank now offers 2.9% on Fixed Deposits with maturity periods of 7-29 days, 3% for 30-45 days, 4% for 46-120 days, 121-150 Provides a return of 4.5% for days (FD Interest Rate).

FD Interest Rate

days, 5% for 151-180 days, 6% for 181-364 days while FD (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate) for one year tenure will fetch 6.35% interest. The bank is now offering an interest rate of 6.2% on deposits of one year to two years except 444 and 666 days), above two years and 6% for 5 years and above. Rate of interest. Fixed Deposit for 444 days will get a return of 6.25% and for 666 days will get a return of 6.5%.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Check

The bank is offering a return of 7% to senior citizens on Fixed Deposit Interest Rate for a tenure of 666 days. If a person invests Rs 2 lakh for 666 days (FD interest rate), he will get an interest of Rs 25,545, while the Fixed Deposit maturity amount will be Rs 2,25,545.

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