Forget toothpaste, soon all we’ll need are nanotechnology toothbrushes

Yes, lots of technology, innovation and progress, but there are actions we do in exactly the same way as hundreds of years ago and in this case brushing our teeth, which has replaced brushes, pastes and their components, but ultimately always Both elements are needed.

misoka's secret

Well, apparently that may soon change because Japanese designers kosho ushima Show your project only during Milan Design Week misokaA brush that only needs water to clean our teeth, no toothpaste is needed.

Water and nanotechnology for the dream of teeth
The secret behind the Misoka is that it is equipped with nylon bristles coated nanoparticles of mineral ions developed by the company. Yumeshokunin Co. Ltd., specializes in nanotechnology. Swirling the brush in water activates these nanoparticles, which removes a protective layer of enamel as well as a more in-depth cleaning of our teeth.


The bad news is that these bristles only have a shelf life of 30 days, so you have to replace your toothbrush every month, which may not make much sense ecologically and economically, as studies show the life of a normal toothbrush is approx. It is three months old. Normal use, so we’ll save almost exclusively on toothpaste, but spend more on brushes.

Interestingly, the Misoka was already sold in Japan since 2007 with some degree of acceptance on part of the population, but is now expected to try its luck to Europe and the US with the announcement in Milan, but before that happens Have to know the price, which has not been disclosed.

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