Full 8 lakh rupees will be available in Post Office Super RD, see full calculation

Post Office Super RD : Post Office’s Recurring Deposit can be called the safest investment! If you do not believe in schemes like share market or mutual funds then you can invest safely in this place. This is a recurring deposit scheme of the Department of Posts. With the help of this Post Office RD Scheme, you can make a safe investment.

Post Office Super RD

Post Office Super RD

Post Office Super RD

After maturity from this Recurring Deposit, you will get a lot of profit. This scheme of the postal department can give you better returns on a little investment. This Post Office RD Scheme (Post Office RD Scheme) can be easily taken from any post office. Through the Post Office RD scheme, you can get better returns in less investment. Money is going to be completely safe in this investment. You can also invest Rs 100 every month in this scheme.

Recurring Deposit Latest Update

There is no limit on the amount of investment. You can invest as much as you want in this Recurring Deposit scheme. This Post Office RD Scheme of the Post Office gives better interest. At the same time, its installments are also small.

This much interest will be available on RD: Post Office RD Scheme 2023

Post Office RD Scheme account is opened for five years. It cannot be opened for a short time. In this, interest is calculated on the deposited money every three months. This is added to your account with interest compounded at the end of every three months. According to the post office scheme, 5.8 percent interest is available on the Recurring Deposit scheme.

How much profit in Recurring Deposit

For example, in the Post Office RD Scheme, if an investor invests ten thousand rupees every month and this process continues for ten years, then he will get an amount of more than 16 lakhs on maturity. If seen in this way, an investor can get a good amount from a small investment in Recurring Deposit in ten years.

Post Office Super RD Scheme

Post Office RD Scheme plan is a very good option for all those people who are planning to save some amount from their salary. In this Recurring Deposit scheme of the post office, a very small amount has to be invested, including the farmer, which will turn into a huge amount after a few years.

Moreover, this Post Office RD Scheme is best for those who want to earn more money in less time and investment. The best thing about the Post Office RD scheme is that you will get guaranteed money security along with good returns in the future.

Benefits of Recurring Deposit

In this Post Office RD Scheme (Post Office RD Scheme) of the Post Office, you can earn good profits by making small investments. Recurring Deposit (RD) is getting 5.8 percent interest, which is much better than FD. In this, you can earn big money by investing only 100 rupees daily in Recurring Deposit.

How much money to invest in a month: Post Office RD Scheme

If you invest Rs 5000 every month in the Post Office RD Scheme, then after a decade (10 years) you will get around Rs 8,14,481 with an interest rate of 5.8% per annum. That is, you will get Rs 2,14,481 as interest in Recurring Deposit.

Recurring Deposit Update: Open account with just Rs 100

Post office RD account can be opened for 5 years. Recently, 5.8 percent interest is being received on this scheme. Also, the Government of India announces the interest rate of all its small savings schemes quarterly. A minimum investment of Rs 100 can also be made in the Post Office RD Scheme. In this Recurring Deposit scheme, returns are given according to the fixed interest.

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