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Friends, in today’s time there are many web hosting service providing companies in the market. In such a situation, it is a bit difficult for beginners to choose the right hosting. They are unable to decide which hosting service (hostinger review in hindi 2022 The best would be on which they can host their website. So if you are also facing a similar problem then definitely read this post. In this you are going to get detailed information about hostinger’s hosting service so that by reading this post it will help you that hostinger (hostinger review in hindi 2022 Will the hosting service be correct or not?

Hostinger What ?

Hostinger is a web hosting service provider and domain registrar company. This company was started in 2004. Hostinger’s web hosting service is also liked by web professionals. It is quite reliable. Users trust its service. Its interface is very simple and it is also very easy to use. If you are a beginner then hostinger’s hosting service can be a better option for you to host your domain.

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Hostinger package plan?

Hostinger is quite popular for hosting service. It mainly provides three hosting service plans.

1. Single web hosting

  • This hostinger’s basic hosting plan is |
  • In this just one website can be hosted.
  • This 30 GB SSD provides storage.
  • Your website ten thousand / month in this hosting plan 10,000 visitors Will be able to handle traffic up to
  • Company in this plan no free domain offer does |
  • In this plan you 2 sub-domains gets |
  • this plan only ₹69/monthly Available for a fee.

2. premium web hosting

  • This is the most of hostinger popular plan is |
  • in this you 100 websites Can host up to
  • This 100 GB SSD provides storage.
  • In this hosting plan, your website is twenty five thousand / month 25,000 visitors Will be able to handle traffic up to
  • Company in this plan a free domain offers.
  • Under this plan, you will get one hundred 100 sub-domains gets |
  • this plan only ₹149/monthly Available for a fee.

3. Business web hosting

  • This hosting plan is mainly business background users do.
  • in this also you 100 websites Can host up to
  • This 200 GB SSD provides storage.
  • In this hosting plan, your website is one lakh / month. 1,00,000 visitors Will be able to handle traffic up to
  • Company in this plan also a free domain offers.
  • Within this plan also you get one hundred 100 sub-domain gets |
  • this plan only ₹279/monthly Available for a fee.

Hostinger Key features ,

  • It is very easy to use it.
  • Its interface is very simple.
  • In this you get a great WordPress experience.
  • The company guarantees 99.9% server uptime rate.
  • It provides Automated backing facility.
  • Anyone can easily build a website by drag and drop.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is available in this
  • Its customer support system is very good.

Hostinger the pros and cons ,


Excellent Onboarding

When you use any software, it is often seen that after coming to a point you get stuck and think what to do next. For this you need knowledge related to it. Especially when you are new to hostinger, the whole process of setting up hosting is called onboarding. In this case, setting up hostinger is very simple and easy. Overall, we can say that the onboarding process of hostinger is very good.

Competitive Pricing

hostinger provides the best and cheapest hosting service. It also gives money back guarantee within 30 days. However, its USP is not just getting cheap hosting service, but it has many other features. If you are looking for a hosting service company that you want to try in the beginning and continue its hosting service later. If you want then hostinger is not a bad option.

Multiple data centers

Another feature of Hostinger is that it offers multiple server locations. This website gives the owner the facility to choose the nearest server location so that their website can load faster.


Inconsistent performance

There is some inconsistency in the performance of Hostinger. It is not the best performer but it is not bad either.

Lack of daily backup

The biggest drawback of Hostinger is that hostinger does not provide daily back up facility in any of its plans.

Limited customer service

Hostinger’s customer service is available only through chat. No email or phone support is provided by the company.


me for the past year hostinger I am using the hosting service of It is very easy to use it. Its service is very good. My experience working with hostinger has been very good. So, I recommend hostinger’s hosting service.


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Q- Is hostinger’s hosting service really good?

Hostinger’s hosting service is really good. Web professionals also like it a lot. The company guarantees 99.9% server uptime rate. So feel free to host your website on hostinger.

Q- Is hostinger website genuine?

Hostinger website is absolutely genuine. Most people recommend the hosting service of hostinger. hostinger is as good for beginners as it is for experienced people. The support system of this company is very good.

Q- Hostinger Why best?

Hostinger is a versatile web host that provides excellent uptime and loading speed. It is also easy to use and has Minecraft servers.

Q – Is hostinger small Is it a good option for business?

Hostinger provides very good service for small business site. But for a large enterprise website, you will need a hosting service that offers dedicated server plans.

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