How to prepare for UPSC (UPSC/IAS)?

how to prepare for ias upsc

Being one of the toughest exams in India, preparing for UPSC exam requires a lot of dedication and focus. UPSC preliminary exam is going to be held on 27th June in the year 2021, if you have not started upsc preparation yet, then start preparing from now and know how to prepare upsc to give your best in this exam.

If you are going to take the civil service exam for the first time, then do not worry, the information given in this post will help you without any coaching class. UPSC Exam Will help you with your preparation strategy.

UPSC Civil Services Examination is one of the most prestigious and toughest examinations in the country. Every year more than 10 lakh people in India prepare for UPSC and register themselves for this exam in the hope of getting a prestigious job in the government sector.

UPSC full form in Hindi – What is the full form of UPSC?

Full form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission and its Hindi meaning is ‘Union Public Service Commission‘ It happens. UPSC Exam is called Union Public Service Commission Examination in Hindi, which is a civil service exam i.e. ‘Civil Service Examination’.

How to pass UPSC Exam

How many stages are there in UPSC Exam?

There are mainly three stages of UPSC exam, which are as follows –

  1. Preliminary Exam – Preliminary exam which consists of two objective type question papers in which your ability and general knowledge are tested.
  2. Main Exam – The main exam consisting of nine essay type (Conventional / Essay Type) papers, in which your descriptive skills are evaluated.
  3. Interview – Interview is the most important part of clearing the UPSC exam in which most of the participants fail.

UPSC Syllabus 2021 Click here for – Click Here

How to prepare for UPSC in Hindi – How to prepare for UPSC?

According to the experiences of people who have been successful in this exam, to pass the UPSC exam, you need to study continuously by following a better timetable.

There is no such trick with the help of which you can pass this exam, to pass this exam you have to move forward by making some strategies which are properly graded with your way of studying and the resources available with you. Could

Before you start preparing for this exam syllabus, wait for yourself and prepare yourself mentally to crack it. Time commitment is very important for such a tough exam, for this it is necessary to prepare yourself to devote at least 10 hours every day to study, some important points related to this are as follows –

  • Bring motivation in yourself to start preparing for this exam and find your true purpose in what you are going to do.
  • This is the right time to organize yourself and set your goal which will take you to the final step of your objective.
  • Go through its entire syllabus and make a proper layout of the topics on which you need to focus more.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in college or have a job, if you manage yourself properly with proper time management, you can study as long as you want.

Further in detail, upsc preparation What to do for

1. Make a time table

You should make a time table to get good results in the exam. Create a workable timetable that you can follow on your own. You should remove leisure and fun from your life for some time. Try to harden yourself as much as you can to adhere to the timetable.

2. Understand the syllabus well

The syllabus of UPSC exam is huge and there are chances of some unexpected questions coming in it. So, to be sure about the exam it is very important to have a thorough knowledge of its syllabus.

This Exam Syllabus You Can Get Complete Syllabus Online on UPSC Official Website. For your convenience, you can take a print out of it and keep it with you.

Separately select the topics on which you need to focus more and try to cover those topics thoroughly.

3. It is important to read newspapers and magazines

A lot of questions related to current affairs are asked in this exam, so don’t forget to read current affairs, newspapers and magazines are the best way to get knowledge about current affairs. Read some newspapers and magazines like The Hindu, The Economic Times and Reader’s Digest, Competition Success Review, Pratiyogita Darpan etc.

Make sure to make notes of important things after reading daily newspapers and magazines because writing something is more memorable than reading it once or twice.

4. Select Optional Subject

Choosing an optional subject is an important task for this exam as it carries 500 marks, so you need to choose the right one. Make a list of pro’s and cons’ and self-assess your strength in your subjects.

5. Basic NCERT Syllabus must read

To prepare for this exam, you must go through all the NCERT books from class 6th to class 12th, the syllabus of NCERT books is not very long. With this you can cover the basics.

6. Make Notes to Yourself

Making proper notes while reading is equivalent to reading the same topic seven times so it is very important to always make notes and highlight important parts of the topic.

Use a separate notebook to make notes on each topic and write clearly. By doing this, you will be able to manage your learnings and revise them quickly later.

7. Practice writing descriptive answers

In this test you have to write descriptive answers, mostly answers are about analytical, critical and communication abilities. By practicing these consistently in record time using the right words, you can easily master the art of writing great descriptive answers.

8. Solve mock test papers and previous year papers

For the preparation of this exam, do solve the question papers of this exam of previous years and solve the mock paper every two-three days, which helps you to get an idea of ​​the real question paper, the questions will definitely change in this exam. But the whole gist of the paper remains the same, doing this helps you in the following ways –

  • You will be able to recognize your mistakes and you will be able to learn how to work on them
  • With this, you can learn to evaluate your abilities by yourself.
  • With this you can find out your strength and your weaknesses.

9. Use Online Resources

Apart from the books you buy, it is also very important to take support of the content available online, website of any organization and government websites to get additional study material. Along with this, watch TV channels like Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV and keep increasing your knowledge continuously.

10. Revise Syllabus

Keep on studying by following your time table, when your syllabus is over, revise the topics according to your needs to retain whatever you have learned so far, make good notes and revise your syllabus That means keep revising.

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While preparing for UPSC exam, stay away from negativity, keep yourself motivated, build your confidence and try to give your best for best preparation. With the information given here, you must have been able to understand very well how UPSC preparation is done.

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