How to take loan to start small business?

how to get small business loan

There are many ways to raise money for the cost of business to start any kind of small business and small scale industry in India, by which you can easily collect money, in this post detailed information about these methods has been given. . Where can I get a small business loan? loan to start business And loan for small scale industry, How to take loan to start small business?

Business ke liye Loan Kaise Milega – How to get a loan for business?

To start any business, small scale industry, small business or any startup, the first requirement is money, business cost, funds or capital. Fund raising is the biggest requirement and challenge for any business because without money it is not possible to start anything.

Many entrepreneurs or startup people use their savings or money borrowed from their relatives and friends to start their business. Apart from this, some people depend on loans for their startup. Those people start business by taking loan from any bank or finance company. In today’s time, you can start any kind of small business by getting money in many easy ways, for this there are many ways in India.

From where to take loan for business – from where to take loan for business?

Here in India, there are many Government Business Loan Schemes available for you to start small scale industries such as MSME Business Loan, MUDRA loanfor micro and small enterprises Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme, National Small Industries Corporation Subsidy etc. You can take advantage of all these to start your business. Apart from these schemes, there are many other ways to raise funds for business or to take help in business startup, which are given in detail below.

small business loan

Loan from Mudra Yojana for BUSINESS – Loan from Mudra Yojana

Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency by Government of India MUDRA A scheme has been made under which short, medium and long term loans / loans are provided for new and existing businesses in India. Apart from this, all the participating banks and non-banking finance companies under this scheme offer you soft terms to start a new business in India. MUDRA Loan Gives money under

How to take loan from Mudra Yojana?

Loan under Mudra Yojana You can contact any commercial banks, small finance banks, RRBs, co-operative banks, MFIs and NBFCs to take, and this scheme will help non-corporate, non-agricultural sectors and enterprises for small or micro small scale industries Loan up to Rs.10 lakh is provided.

This Posture for loan you have something required documents It is important to have such as identity card, residence certificate, quotation of machinery and other items for industry, passport size photo, business identity card, address proof of business location, etc. Mudra Loan The steps required to get it are as follows –

  • First of all Download application form from.
  • Fill all the required information in the form.
  • Visit the nearest bank branch that offers Mudra loan.
  • Submit the application form in the bank.
  • Complete all the formalities of the bank as prescribed.
  • All the documents submitted will be verified by the bank.
  • After verification, the bank will sanction the loan.

Starting a Business with Crowd Funding

Today many good people in the whole world including India crowdfunding platform Available from where you can raise money from the public to set up your business, for this you just need to propose your business idea.

here meaning of crowdfunding It is done by the process of raising money from people for a project, business or any social work. how to do crowdfundingIts complete details are given below –

How to do crowdfunding for BUSINESS?

Crowdfunding allows budding entrepreneurs to raise money to start small businesses through a number of platforms available on the Internet. crowdfunding Campaigning is as simple as creating a profile for the business and setting a goal to fund, publishing the request online on the crowdfunding platform.

many ways to start a small business crowdfunding websites Available like WEFUNDER, SEEDINVEST, KICKSTARTER, INDIEGOGO, CROWD SUPPLY, CROWDFUNDER, EXPERIMENT, CHUFFED, PATREON, FUNDABLE etc.

You can apply for your business by running a campaign on any of these crowdfunding websites. You do not have to pay any fees for running a campaign or campaign, as long as the target of your campaign is not met.

Venture capital for small business startups

There are many investors and capitalists in India and outside India from whom you can start a startup by taking funds. These investors are called angel investors and venture capitalists, and the amount raised from them for the business venture capital It is said

Such investors are ready to invest easily in your small business or startup, just they decide their profit in advance which is some percentage of your business income or profit.

What is Venture Capital?

What is Venture Capital? Venture capital is primarily a form of private equity financing provided by venture capital firms to small startups with high growth potential and new emerging companies demonstrating good growth. When a certain amount of money is needed to expand a high-quality small business, it is met by a venture capital donor company. venture capital called funding.

There are many venture capital companies in India with the help of which money can be raised to start a business like VENTURE EAST, ACCEL PARTNERS, SEQUOIA CAPITAL, NEXUS VENTURE PARTNERS, KALAARI CAPITAL etc.


There are many co-operative credit societies in India (Co-operative Credit Society) exist which provide small amount of loan to the people who wish to start their own business. How much loan money you will get from here depends on your business. One such co-operative credit society ‘Hamara India’ Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.’ is present in India from where the funds can be raised for the industry.

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for business Self-help group loan from

Nowadays self help groups (Self-help Groups) also help you by lending you money to start a small business. Usually business through these groups Loan They are made available to the people of a particular community or at a particular place.

Self-help Groups Self-help groups, also known as self-help groups or mutual aid groups, are groups of people who provide financial assistance to each other for a specific purpose.

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