India Post New Facility 2023: Now all the work in the post office will be done with only one form, know

India Post New Facility 2023: Most of the people turn to the post office in case of safe investment. Due to this, new facilities (India Post New Facility) are continuously being given to the customers from the post office (India Post). So that they can get relief! Due to this, the Post Office has been allowed to do two things at once with the Withdrawal Form (SB-7). Under this, customers will no longer need a separate form or check to withdraw and deposit money. This will make transactions easier! Along with this, the post office also provides the facility of opening a savings account easily to the customers.

India Post New Facility 2023

India Post New Facility 2023

India Post New Facility 2023

If you want to join Post Office with Public Provident Fund (PPF), Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) or any other Savings Account, the new facility will make it easy for you! Through this, you will be able to easily deposit money in all these schemes. However, for this you have to show the passbook of all the schemes. Since there is no check facility in Gramin Dak (India Post) Sevak branches! In such a situation, to give relief to the rural customers, two functions of the same form have been allowed. This will get rid of the difficulty in withdrawing and depositing money.

  • Post Office Service: Withdrawal and deposit can be done through a single form!
  • There is an exemption to deposit up to 5 thousand rupees on one form!

How to open Post Office Savings Account (Open Post Office Savings Account)

Follow these simple steps to open Post Office Savings Account!

  • Visit the official website of your nearest Post Office or India Post and get the application form!
  • Fill the form with appropriate information
  • Furnish the relevant documents, and a passport size photograph.
  • Pay the deposit amount, which cannot be less than Rs.20!
  • If you want to get a post office (India Post) savings account without a chequebook, then you will have to pay a deposit of at least Rs 50!

Single account holders can deposit a maximum of Rs 1 lakh while joint account holders can deposit a maximum of Rs 2 lakh. One of the main features of the Post Office Savings Account is that it does not have a lock-in or maturity period! Opening such an account is relatively hassle-free, as one can simply walk into a post office (India Post), complete the formalities with the clerk, and open the account immediately!

Permission to deposit 5 thousand on one form (India Post New Facility)

Post Office customers can deposit up to Rs 5,000 through this form! At the same time, on depositing more than 5 thousand rupees, customers will have to give post office savings (Saving Account) passbook and pay-in-slip. Apart from this, the passbook of SB / RD / SSA or PPF will also have to be shown for the related scheme.

need to get a verification

If the Post Office customer deposits more than Rs 5,000, then they will have to show the form along with other documents. In this they will have to show their identity card, Aadhaar, PAN card and passbook. Thereafter, the Post Master will verify the Withdrawal Form, Pay-in-Slip and Passbook. Only then you will be able to deposit the post office (India Post) money!

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