Intel MICA: the free and cool smart bracelet

intel bracelet, it is a product developed by the firm’s inaugural function that combines luxury and technology. reacts to the name of the bracelet MICA, My Intelligent Communication Accessory,

intel mica

Many details were allowed to count, something that has been resolved today with marketing details and most importantly the price. Ignoring the Christmas season – December – the cost of MICA is US$495.

It is interesting to know the relation with operators of invariance that the value is included in an account. AT&T For two years – at no additional cost to acquire it. That said, you won’t need a smartphone to connect to Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

It has a lot of technology, but the balance is in favor of snakeskin, gems or 18-karat gold. The screen is slightly curved and is made of sapphire crystal.

As the technology involved tends to depreciate, the remaining elements are almost always priced high enough to truly be a luxury item.

In price it is clearly above many wristwatch devices and watches, which point to falling below $200, and products like the Apple Watch, which will cost $350.

MICA is not a quantifier
On autonomy, Intel promises that the MICA is capable of surviving up to two days. Yes, here the quantifier of its activity is not the element; Rather it is responsible for sending us important information.

Without a keyboard or voice recognition, how to respond to messages is complicated, or at least predefined, with 50 statements prepared for the occasion. All modifiable from a web interface.

intel mica The above is slated for sale in December at Barnes New York and Opening Ceremony stores for 495.

Same price for two versions of MICA. A white snakeskin set with a South African tiger eye stone and Russian obsidian in the center. Snake skin has also been used in the second design, but in black. The pearls are from China and the lapis lazuli is from Madagascar.

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