LG has made its flexible OLED panel as thin as a sheet of paper

The Korean company took some time to work on this technology but has taken a major step forward in this second generation: ditching the glass for the plastic model. In the former, the bending potential was limited to 75 mm while the second generation with this material increases its radius by 30 mm, thus preventing it from breaking if you exert too much force on it.

flexible oled panel

$680 per 320x320mm
Why the move to plastic now and not before? Having the technology list to maintain the same level of efficiency in brightness and color rendering index. To overcome this obstacle, thee encapsulation technology is used that allows these OLED panels to have a color rendering index of above 85, 60 lm/W, 75 lm brightness and a color temperature of 3,000 degrees Kelvin.

The factory employing LG for their production is ready to make samples with the specifications we just discussed and make large shipments of OLED panels with the following capacities with a size of 320×320 mm and a thickness of 0.88 mm. Also ready for: 60lm/ W, color rendering index above 90 and 800lm brightness with 8.5V and 1.600mA. By adding power, it is able to reach 1.200lm.

It will begin production this first quarter of the year at a price of $680, although that figure could be lower depending on how large the order is placed at the factory.

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