Motorola does not want to lose keys or a mobile phone, even if it is an iPhone

Bringing the above keys, mobile phones, wallets, watches and other accessories has become a constant check if we haven’t forgotten anything, so don’t miss this important article offering solutions over the years.

motorola keylink

That being the case now Motorola continues its way in producing accessories revealing new keylinkA type of key that plugs into your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, with the idea of ​​helping us find the object where we have placed the keylink, such as house or car keys.

to track mobile
motorola keylink Connects via Bluetooth to any device with Android from version 4.2 and counting with the Motorola Connect app, the same application has now come from Apple to the App Store to be compatible with iOS devices from version 7.1.

The Keylink has a button that when activated makes our smartphone emit a sound to find it, whenever and wherever we are within a range of 30 meters. But it also works the other way around, and that is if we have a smartphone and what we have lost is the key or any other item attached to the keylink, all we have to do is activate the search function in the application , so that the accessory emits a sound, or we can deploy a map to find it.

On the other hand, if our device already has Android 5.0 Lollipop we can use the Keylink as a trusted device, so that our smartphone is not blocked or asks for a password when we are near the device. According to Motorola the battery will give us up to a year of autonomy, easily replaceable at the end of its life, plus it is resistant to small splashes and dust.

motorola keylink Will be available in the next few days for the time being in the United States, where we have no information whether it is intended to be distributed in other regions. The price is $24.99 and it can be bought directly from Motorola in the United States.

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