OnQ proposes to eliminate gestures with all controls of the lounge

We were talking about control systems, and seem to continue on the same lines, but this time focused more on being in a living room with a device, or at least near a TV. we talked about onqueueAn accessory whose purpose is to control many of our devices.


The living room is populated with gadgets, each with its own way of interacting with us, which in most cases is with a remote control. Integrated control methods are always welcome, as while a convenient system is achieved, we may find ourselves with an interesting mix if we incorporate new technology as well.

kinect style
Judging by the pictures you’ve already related the OneQ with devices like the Kinect – which not everyone likes – by their size. The idea is the same, an eye waiting to alert our actions to a parameter change in a TV, music system, smart thermostat, or even WiFi connected light.

The contract with the Microsoft device is not only on the way there is also a camera that records our movements. The difference is the difference in the 3-inch screen that is included in its front. It shows the icon that corresponds to the gadget we’re controlling.

You’ve seen it in motion, a greeting to turn on the TV, right and left gestures to move between connected devices, or fingerprint and facial recognition for more concrete functions.

The main thing for it to work is that all the devices are working on the same WiFi network. The OnQ also has a lot more, for example, a microUSB port, receiver and IR transmitter – for those gadgets that are not on the network, speakers or Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

No matter how OnQ interprets our gestures; Its function is to communicate with other devices, each with its own operation interface. So, run specifically to work with each solution that, for example, already has compatibility with Nest, Xbox, or Apple TV, as well as Philips Hue.

OneQ settings can be made from mobile devices through applications available for the iOS and Android platforms. In the case of devices that work exclusively for infrared, it will be necessary to align them – or prepare them with repeaters – so that OnQ can control them.

The developers think that the best distance for the OnQ to recognize us is between 1.2-4.8 meters. Usually we will place it on the television with the leg that is included, but can also rest on the table as another device.

onqueue is the creation of drishti company, reaching a reserve price of $129-$199 when it goes on sale in the US market. It will be available early next year.

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