The Misfit Shine 2, an elegant monitor of sleep and activity, is updated to offer color

One of the quantifiers made more noisy devices in the market by its design and simplicity, that’s for sure misfit shine, It’s been with us since last summer, and will be getting a major upgrade while maintaining the philosophy of a wearable that goes unnoticed but always collects information.

misfit shine 2

Coconut has not eaten much with the name, the new model is called misfit shine 2And dares mainly with two areas of action: Monitor sleep and activity logs, In addition to the updated design, it takes advantage of the addition of new sensors and improvements to the touch surface, changing the way we interact with it.

In appearance, the most striking of the aluminum discs are now available in black and “golden rose”, very fashionable in the mobile world.

It is slightly larger in diameter than the previous model, but noticeably thinner – at 3.3 millimeters – it has room for twelve LED indicators in different colors, a pair of three-axis accelerometers and a new vibration motor.

It’s also important to add that the Shine 2 is water resistant – 50m – making it a good fit for all kinds of activities. The tiny Quantifier claims more than six months of no-charge life, as it carries a replaceable battery.

There would be no point in going wrong with mobile devices; In fact it is conducted in a high percentage of them, thanks to an application, which is available on both iOS and Android. The way to communicate with them is Bluetooth 4.1.

How much will the Misfit Shine 2 cost? It’ll be asking $100 for it in the United States, which will be available from November 1st. Last year’s model will remain on sale, but has been slashed down to $70.

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