This is the ideal jacket for those who feel the world is watching

We know and we have seen how wearables are gaining significant ground in the world of technology, focused on solving areas that other devices have failed, this has been accomplished primarily because They are developments that we carry with us in the form of clothes or accessories for daily use. Use on watches, rings, bracelets, among others.

aposematic jacket

In this field we witness the most innovative developments, even the most absurd, but never seen jackets full of surveillance cameras, with which you can see 360 ​​degrees and record every single move .

Personal security taken to a whole new level
Whose brainchild is this jacket kim yong hun And shin seung backTwo Japanese developers who, in addition to promoting their development focused on personal security, want to show how a person’s behavior changes radically when he knows that he is being recorded.

The aposematic jacket has more than a dozen cameras, only four of which work; others are merely ornamental; These four cameras are connected to a Raspberry Pi plate with a WiFi module and an included rechargeable battery.

In addition, the jacket has a discreet button that, when pressed, activates the recording of the four cameras and transmits the panoramic video to the public web via WiFi, although, of course, the idea is that the button is pressed only in case of emergency. Is.

Record someone and see how it changes your behavior
What’s really interesting about this development is the social part, as their makers say they’ve taken to the streets to test the jackets’ operation, and thereby realize that people around can modify their behaviour. do and sometimes stop doing things that might seem suspicious or outlaw.

Of course the security element too, because if someone is determined to attack or steal, this jacket will think twice, as is the case with wearing fake surveillance cameras that only include an LED, in this case Thieves have no idea if the cameras are active and in many cases prefer not to investigate.

The development of this jacket is just a prototype and there are no plans to put it on sale yet, but its creators do not rule out the possibility of doing so in the near future, especially as it has to cut design and costs, but for the time being, We’re clearly in for a great idea that could lead to other inventions.

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