Top 7 Small Business Ideas in English – Low cost business idea?

low investment small business ideas

Most of the people want to start their own business but two main problems are faced by everyone, one business idea and other money (Low Investment Business Ideas,

Information about business ideas that can be started on a small scale with low investment is given in this post and as far as money is concerned, you can arrange money for the business from your family, friends and loved ones or by taking a loan from the bank. Can

List of Small Business Ideas

Here are some easy business ideas that you can start with very little investment, you need dedication and hard work to make your business successful.

1. Food Stall

Starting a food stall i.e. food shop can prove to be a very easy and quick successful business, because people like to eat and drink outside and if this business is established at a particular location, then it will give good results very quickly. Can be found, in business language, this business is called restaurant business, apart from this, you can also start this business in moving food van which is very trendy nowadays.

If you do not have some business planning, you can make huge profits with good margins in a short period of time by taking a ‘franchise’ of a successful brand with many food chains like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway and KFC etc.

2. Seasonal Business

With this type of business, you can earn very good money with less investment, for example, many festivals are celebrated in India and on every festival people definitely buy special items related to it, apart from this, every day everyone There is a special day in someone’s life which people consider very well like Birthday, Shalgira etc. So you can start a shop related to such festival related goods or products and also you can sell such products online.

3. Toy Shop

Everyone knows, how much kids love toys so you can start a toy store and sell them on online platform as well. If you do not want to open a shop, then from your home online toy reseller You can do business and earn money by selling toys online.

4. Recruitment Services

Recruitment of people for job or job is the biggest headache for any company or business, because it has to do interview, right selection, offer letter, onboarding etc. so most of the companies hire job recruitment service providers for job recruitment. recruits, you can start the business of ‘Job Recruitment Service’ in which you have to collect great data of candidates who want to work in any organization and in this way you can earn money by helping companies and candidates.

5. Interior Design Business

A business in which you people have to design the interior of a house or commercial space with your good and innovative skills, the demand for this work is very high in the market, to start this work you just need to It is necessary to have experience of interior design How to start a business? to know it CLICK HERE

6. Consultancy Business

Many companies in India are offering their services to their clients and guiding them to make their business successful. You can also start your own consultancy firm with very less resources and if you have the ability to convert unhappy customers to happy businessmen with your business, then you must start this business, for this you will have a business in your name. Register toll-free number and start providing services for free and help people, after that you can brand your company for your services.

7. Reseller Store (Online Reseller Store)

Nowadays online platform is the best way to grow your business. You can create your own website and start selling your old products on it with very little cost. With this you can bring your offline mobile store or other business online and sell mobile phones or other products online.

You must have liked all the low investment / investment business ideas mentioned in this post and the information given here will help you start a new business!

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